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Finding Your Deal Flow in Private Market Investing

According to recent estimates, around 8.7 million individuals in the U.S. qualify as accredited investors and are eligible to participate in the private investment market. Of that 8.7 million, only a small subset – around 3 percent – actively invests in private companies and real estate ventures.

Why is that? In part, it’s because private investing is similar to many other financial activities (like saving, stock trading, and planning for retirement) in that it’s easiest to do when you already have the knowledge and tools to do it.

As successful investor Paul Graham once wrote, picking winners inherently requires that you have “a stream of reasonably high quality” opportunities to choose from.

The Way of the Future: Online Platforms
With the lift of the General Solicitation ban (Jobs Act), the online investing (or “equity crowdfunding”) industry has emerged to give investors direct access to the private market. Online access is enabling a long-overdue evolution of the private investing industry, since it’s no longer restricted to personal referrals and closed-door pitches.

Online platforms improve on the referral and association models by eliminating their inherent reliance on geographic proximity – broadening your deal flow to include opportunities around the country, rather than just your locality. They also give individual investors more personal control over which types of opportunities are streamed to them. (Want to invest in later-stage companies with track records of returns? Partner with a platform that specializes in those types of offerings. Interested in commercial real estate? Register for one that offers real estate deals.)

Additionally, online investing is injecting the private market with greater transparency. The top-tier platforms protect investors by pre-vetting opportunities and conducting background checks on issuers. They also supply investors with the resources they need to make their investment decisions – company history, subscription documents, investment terms, return projections, pre-vetted due diligence – in one portal, typically with low investment minimums.


iLIFE Capital System and Portal, provides Local Investors pre-vetted quality deal flow with all (and more) of the features described in the article above.  Please take the time to first review this Investor Education section and request our FREE REPORT “Wall Street Funding Solutions & Absolute Principal Protection Strategies for Main Street Companies.”  A diagram of How To Invest On iLIFE Portal is below.InvestorPP.htmlInvestorPP.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1
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