iLIFE Capital System and its Funding Portal is only for qualified and pre-vetted enterprises who are operating and have positive cash flow, or have qualified through the Startup process.  Register on our Qualified Issuer Page to begin the process to be considered..

Once accepted for participation in iLIFE Capital System, you will be able to create and publish a profile with your business and funding needs within the iLIFE Portal.

Share your plan & engage Local investors. All the tools for compliant pre and post investor CRM relations are built into our FinTech system.

Obtain funding quickly.  Local Investors use iLIFE Capital Portal to analyze and compare business opportunities and protect their investments.  Your iLIFE offering will be eligible to offer our optional PrincipalProtector strategy to hedge your investors and provide
unique risk/return options.

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Upon Approval, you will have access to our Wall St Capital

Club, providing over $35K of

Resources to assist up in

preparing and launching your

Capital raise

All Qualified Issuers Please Register here to Receive our White Paper Details on iLIFE Capital System Basic Information is Linked in the Sidebar and at the bottom of this page

Upon receipt and a brief review of this requested information, we will email you our detailed white paper on The iLIFE Capital System and contact you by phone for discussion and further details.
Qualified Issuers are those enterprises that are currently operating with positive EBITDA - Startup or non-operating companies,
start Here.