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iLIFE Capital System & Portal, works through local Chambers of Commerce and other local community business development entities, and State programs, to provide local small to medium sized business enterprises, the facility and means to successfully fund their locally owned and operated businesses.  iLIFE Capital provides education, support services, financial resources, and the latest and most effective on-line FinTech solutions to fund and support qualified local businesses.  

iLIFE Capital System effectively and successfully connects local businesses with local investors.  The past “Trump Effect” on the stock market, IRA’s and job growth is very encouraging for American’s, however, does it really trickle down to Main Street?  On Main Street USA., the economic recovery is still at a slow burn...especially since COVID-19...a recently released Federal Reserve Bank report stated that more than 50 percent of small businesses say that they are unable to get the capital they apply for through banks and even on-line funding sources.  Smaller enterprises (generally defined as having fewer than 500 employees but mostly having a handful or less) tend to represent about half of US GDP and a similar share of all US employment, and generate almost two-thirds of all new jobs.  Sophisticated investors should be putting their capital into U.S. small businesses. Why? Because demand for capital remains significant in an era when even the smallest companies operate across borders. It’s more tangible to invest in something “local,” where capital investment provides a critical fulcrum for entrepreneurial risk-taking and innovation. The returns are attractive: on average, gross interest rates on small business loans range from 10 to 17.5 percent. And this is a huge market.  Source: Invest Local 

iLIFE Capital also provides local communities a Business Development Enterprise Incubator, Accelerator & Think-Tank (“e8” offering qualified local businesses a professional entrepreneurial environment which encourages and facilitates creative funding, expert resources, administrative services and educational opportunities to enable the successful operation, growth and entrepreneurial success of local business enterprise.  Upon a successful capital raise through the iLIFE Portal, we do not let businesses fail, we support them with all the available resources required for them to succeed with their business plan.

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Potentially interested Investors start by reviewing our Investor Education section, or review current opportunities at our iLIFE PORTAL

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Turned off by what they see as the failures of traditional finance, a new breed of investor is turning to small investment clubs and networks through which they can make loans, equity investments or a little of both in “Local” (city, town, county or a defined primary statistical area) nearby businesses…This is a way for both sophisticated and small (non-accredited) investors to put their money in Main Street businesses and help them grow ~ “The Local Small Business Investing Revolution” -  
"All told, against an otherwise difficult investing backdrop, the rewards of investing ‘local’ outweigh the risks - Small business investments offer a unique opportunity to generate attractive returns that are less correlated to public stock and bond markets." ~ “Invest Local” - 
“Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth of the United States” ~ Ronald Reagan
“Make America Small Business Great Again!” ~ President Donald Trump

~ Invest Locally, Put Your Money Where Your Life Is ~

~ Small Businesses - Raise Capital From Local Investors to Make America Great Again! ~

Invest Locally
Put Your Money Where Your Life Is


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