Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q.    How often will I get Coupon payments for my investment in the PrincipalProtector?
A.    The companies that we invest in provide us with monthly or quarterly payments - we pay quarterly coupon payments to all investors.  The full Principal is paid back at the end of the term.

Q.    If I invest in the PrincipalProtector, for how long do I have to hold my units for?
A.    In keeping with Rule 144, there is currently no market for selling your investment on the secondary market. You should plan on holding your investment for a 10-year term in order for the funds to double.  It  is however possible at the end of a 5-year term to return the principal of the investment, to add to the five years of coupon payments already realized (although the doubling of capital takes a ten-year term).   If there is an emergency and you need to liquidate your investment earlier, please notify us and we will do everything we can to see if there is another buyer available but we can’t guarantee that you will be able to exit early.

Q.    What are my options for some liquidity if needed
A.    Investors interest in the PrincipalProtector Capital (PPC) investment can be hypothecated, pledged, monetized, encumbered, assigned, or transferred to accommodate a number of investor benefits without liquidating the PPC assets.

Q.    If I only want to invest in one unit of the Issuers Opportunity, however I also want Principal Protection, how can I invest in both?
A.    All the private placements in the iLIFE Capital Portal allow the Issuer to split an investment Unit - our PrincipalProtector Capital Units also allow for a split Unit subscription.  Thus, for the cost of one Unit you can invest in the Issuers opportunity and in the PrincipalProtector fund.

Q.    Can I just invest in your PrincipalProtector and not in any of the Issuer Opportunities?
A.    No.  The PrincipalProtector fund was created as a hedge for our iLIFE Capital System Issuers/licensees.  We only accept investors who have invested in one or more of the Issuer opportunities.  However, in the Adjustable Risk Adjustable Return feature, it is possible to place 2/3rds investment into the PrincipalProtector and 1/3rd in the Issuer opportunity for a lower risk higher absolute can also do a 90% Issuer to 10% PPC for a lower absolute return with the higher amount invested in the Issuer...or any variable split between the two in 10% increments.

Q.    Are their any fees or costs associated with the PrincipalProtector Units?
A.    The investment Unit is charged a one time 2.17% setup charge initially, so 97.83% of the initial principal is invested.  An annual Asset Management fee of 2% is also charged to the account of each investor.  Regardless of the associated costs, the funds have a net doubling in the term (if an equal amount is invested in both the Issuer opportunity(s) and in the PPC.)  

Q.    I am a seasoned accredited investor. What now?
A.    Please register on our platform to have access to our offerings. We perform institutional level due diligence on all the offerings listed on our site and take the first level of due diligence off investors’ plates. We help shepherd the Issuers through the presentation materials and offering documentation, as well as provide the education and training they require to present themselves well. Once you are a register accredited investor you can browse all Issuer opportunities, interest with the Issuer, and invest at your leisure. Minimum investments are as low as $5,000 per offering and our deal flow is sourced from a variety of diverse sectors.
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