PrincipalProtector Hedge & Adjustable Risk / Returns
There are strategies that can help investment professionals invest in new ventures and get results that are more predictable and less volatile.
If you were investing in a new venture and had the option of buying one share of stock for ten dollars with principal protection or two shares with no protection of principal, what would you do? Take the protection or the risk?  iLIFE Capital (“ILIFE”), using its proprietary PrincipalProtector strategy, makes that option possible because they provide for a compensating balance investment (or sinking fund) that can provide an absolute return of an amount equal to 100% of the principal invested in an exempt private placement of debt or equity, even if the business venture fails and has zero value.  The strategy also provides for the investor to select their level of Risk and Returns by incrementally increasing or decreasing the percentage of capital invested in an Issuer opportunity and a compensating balance investment in our PrincipalProtector Capital (“PPC”) units.  We provide Wall Street type strategies that simply work for Main Street companies!

Our PrincipalProtector strategy has proven to be a highly effective investment protection vehicle for Accredited Investors while helping to facilitate the acquisition of capital for private placement issuers. Generally, when using this PrincipalProtector strategy, Accredited investors will place fifty percent of their capital investment in the Issuer (“IssuerCo”) opportunity and fifty percent into our PPC opportunity.  The percentage invested in the PPC can vary according to the risk/reward preference of the Accredited Investor.  Investors control (to a certain extent) their Risk and their Returns per the options available.

Our PrincipalProtector is based upon the concept of setting aside a portion of invested capital to provide a hedge against loss or total loss if a business or venture is unsuccessful. The capital that is set aside is sometimes referred to as a sinking fund or what we term a Compensating Balance investment. This compensating balance is invested in certain relatively non-correlated alternatives that can offer an absolute return that will enable this side investment to grow to an amount equal to the original (combined) principal investment even if the portion of capital invested in the IssuerCo business/venture returns zero...a higher blended return to the investor(s) if the IssuerCo is successful.

All of the IssuerCo investment opportunities within this portal have been pre-vetted through our extensive due diligence process, and as an iLIFE qualified Issuer, have been licensed to offer our structured investment strategies, which have been incorporated into their private placement memorandums to enhance their particular deal structure of their offering.  We provide our clients with the best of class resources and deliverables for presentation to Accredited Investors and help shepherd them through an SEC compliant capital campaign.  Each IssuerCo deal structure (we draft) provides investors a fair and balanced investment and a win-win outcome between IssuerCo and its investors.

Since an investment in our PPC is a separate and optional investment (although suggested herein to be made in parallel with any IssuerCo investment), we have placed our Private Placement Memorandum for PPC within this Portal for interested Accredited Investors review and consideration.  Additionally, since the PPC is a separate investment opportunity of which we are the Issuer, we can discuss this investment hedge with interested investors and its use in general with other more speculative investments that may be found within this Portal - we are not a broker-dealer and do not represent most of the IssuerCo’s herein (with the exception of certain opportunities which we are the Issuer), thus cannot discuss any specifics about opportunities in which we are not the Issuer, nor will we give an opinion concerning any IssuerCo.
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PrincipalProtector Hedge Adjustable Risk / Returns
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