Issuer Q & A on Current Capital Raising Rules & Regs

The iLIFE Capital System primarily utilizes the Jobs Act Title II Reg D 506(c) for most Private Placement exemptions.  The information linked below will provide the Issuer an understanding of this exemption and how it differs from other Jobs Act exemptions.  Additional information is provided to educate Issuers on other important matters concerning private placement in today’s regulatory environment and the use of FinTech tools and systems to make raising capital and staying in compliance, easier and more effective.

Q.	What if the difference between Crowdfunding (Reg CF), Reg D and Reg A Exemptions?
A.	See Infographic for Differences Between JOBS Act Title II Reg D 506(c), Title III Crowdfunding (CF) and Title VI Reg A+ 

Q.	Why use Reg D 506(c) and not Crowdfunding?
A.	See Difference between Title III Crowdfunding (CF) and Title II Reg D 506(c) 

Note:  The term “Crowdfunding” is commonly used to refer to all the exemptions under the Jobs Act – CF, Reg D 506(c) and Reg A+ - Reg D 506(c) is commonly referred to as “Accredited Crowdfunding”

Q.	Why use Reg D 506(c) and not Reg A+?
A.	See Regulation D Rule 506(c) vs. Regulation A+: Differences Explained  

Also see The Basics of Title II Reg D 506(c) 

...and The Basics of Title IV Regulation A+ 

Regulation A Primer
Regulation A Timeline 
Regulation A Offering Cost

Q.	Why use Reg D 506(c) vs Reg D 506(b)?
A.	See Rule 506(c) vs. 506(b): Differences Explained

Q.	What is a PPM (Private Placement Memorandum)?
A.	See What is a PPM
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