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This iLIFE Portal is Currently in Beta Mode for Moore County, NC
Post (or continuing) COVID-19, small businesses are having a very difficult time recovering and a number of them in Moore County are still struggling to stay afloat.  Our Mission is encouraging and facilitating small local businesses and local investors to connect.  This platform/portal both educates Entrepreneurs and potential Investors, as-well-as provides an SEC compliant medium (as an intermediary) for information and communication to flow between interested parties.  
Issuers (small business entrepreneurs) interested in placing their investment opportunities on this Platform/Portal, register your opportunity under “Issuers” on the Nav bar above.  Local Investors can review investment related information/education on the “Investors” Nav bar, or go directly to the iLIFE Portal page for current active opportunities.

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“Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth of the United States” ~ Ronald Reagan
“Make America Small Business Great Again!” ~ President Donald Trump

~ Invest Locally, Put Your Money Where Your Life Is ~

~ Small Businesses - Raise Capital From Local Investors to Make America Great Again! ~iLIFE_Pinehurst.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0

Invest Locally
Put Your Money Where Your Life Is


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